Hello and thank you for visiting. My name is Paul Heupel. I am a private residence window cleaner in the Seattle Washington area. This gives me many interesting photographic opportunities, as I am never in the same location from one day to another.

I think we have one of the most beautiful and photogenic areas in which to live. It is my hope, that I might capture and share that beauty with you.

I hope that you enjoy your visit. Please come I will add new photos on a fairly regular basis.

If something should strike you, please feel free to comment. I value your feedback. Should you find something to purchase, your print will arrive signed.

Thank you,

For those not familiar with Smugmug. It has been brought to my attention that a little help may be in order. Once you have chosen a Gallery to look at, click on it. Once in the gallery of choice you can view the photos larger by clicking on them and larger again by clicking on the size list at the top of photo. The thumbs up/down that appears as you mouse over the photo is only to say if you like the photo or not. When enough thumbs up are given, that photo will appear in the most popular photos of the day on Smugmug. This helps me.

Some galleries have several pages. The #can be seen and scrolled through at the top of the thumbnails

The "buy" button at the top right corner of the photo does not commit you to buy, but allows you to view a catalog of available sizes and framing and much more.

Last but not least, in the bottom left of the gallery screen is the comment button and this allows you to comment on the gallery or the individual photo.

I hope this was helpful.

Here is a link to a friends photographs should you like to look at more.